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Welcome to the home page of Tynamo™, a fast, conditionally compliant HTTP/1.1 server and Servlet 2.2 container for embedded Java platforms.

Look in the contents to the left for download and purchase information, and below for the latest news. Also check out some customer comments.

A few links to Tynamo™ demos can also be found below.


Tynamo™ is designed to run on a variety of platforms, including:

Platform Device Manufacturer(s) Tynamo™ Version Example Device Image
TINI Systronix manufactures the TStik v1.0.4 [TStik]
EMAC, Inc. manufactures the SoM-400EM [SoM-400EM]
CDC and PersonalJava Snijder Micro Systems manufactures a PersonalJava platform called the EJC v1.0-RC1 [EJC]
SNAP Imsys v1.0.4 [SNAP]
aJile Systronix manufactures several aJile boards, including JStik and SaJe v1.0-RC1 [JStik]

The TINI platform (and TStik and SoM-400EM implementations) runs most of Java 1.1.8, the JStik and SaJe platforms use the aJ-100 processor to provide a CLDC environment, and the SNAP lives somewhere in between.

Why Is This a Good Solution?

Standards. You can leverage existing:

  • Web browsers for your user interface. These exist for almost every platform.
  • HTML and server-side design techniques: Forms, Java applets, Servlets, stylesheets, XML, scripting.

Cross-platform. Any platform supporting:

  • CDC or PersonalJava

Outstanding documentation.

  • Clear and complete documentation makes it a pleasure to use Tynamo™
  • Advanced guides and tutorials


There is a vast range of measurement and control possibilities that a standards-compliant server provides.

  • Remotely update a custom FPGA!
  • Control your house.
  • Access realtime weather data from another hemisphere.
  • Monitor a camera on a mobile robot.
  • Browse the status of your equipment.
  • Provide a gateway for external SNMP control.
  • Of course, the oft-cited: Connect your toaster to the internet.

...and all this through a standard web browser.

Latest News

13-Mar-2007 -- Tynamo-SNAP/1.0.4 released! Check out the downloads page to access the distribution. This release includes several fixes and improvements.

07-Mar-2007 -- Tynamo-TINI/1.0.4 released! Check out the downloads page to access the distribution. This release includes several fixes and improvements.

21-Dec-2005 -- Tynamo-SNAP/1.0.3 released! Check out the downloads page to access the distribution. This release includes many enhancements over 1.0-RC1.

19-Oct-2004 -- I will be at the RoboNexus conference this year, affiliated with the Systronix booth.

20-Jun-2004 -- I will be at JavaOne this year, affiliated with BOF-3002 and BOF-3044, and possibly one of the Sun demo pods.

10-Sep-2003 -- Check out Jan Axelson's latest book, Embedded Ethernet and Internet Complete. There is a good discussion of Tynamo™.

Customer Comments

"Shawn helped us with a read-only FLASH file system for TINI. The code was well designed, style consistent, and well documented. I was impressed."

–Bill Johnson, Sr. Software Engineer, SHOT, Inc

"I've been using Tynamo to bring up a bevy of one-wire sensors and switches for my pure Electric Vehicle. The out of the box one-wire servlet has been a god send. Tynamo has run for months on one of my TINI's without a glitch — wish I could say the same for my WinDoze machines. One added benefit of my Tynamo time is learning Ant and TiniAnt from Shawn's lucid and well commented build.xml Ant script."

–Fred Whitridge, President, Archipelago

"Before I found Tynamo, I made my own patches to alternative webservers every 6 months or so, just when I have forgotten what fix I did last time... This was getting so frustrating that I went looking for another solution, and found Tynamo. Now I don't look anymore. Nor do I patch anymore. Shawn does the development and support of Tynamo, and I can concentrate on my real project, making an access/surveillance system over IPv6 based on TINIs. Thanks Shawn!"

–Halvor Kise VII, Mastergrade student, Østfold University College

"Shawn has helped us tremendously to setup a Tynamo webserver which incorporates our Java CLDC version of JmDNS (a Java version of ZeroConf protocol). This is a multicast DNS which enables devices on a network to automatically discover themselves and advertise their services without the need for configuration. Our platform is a cluster of Systronix JStik real-time microcontrollers. The above features is a layer in our modular robotic motion controller architecture. The neat thing about the webserver is that it will eventually lead to a web based GUI and monitoring system."

–Rodney Atta-Konadu, NRC-IMTI

"Thank you for a thorough and well planned tutorial. It is exactly what I needed to get going. Frankly, I don't know what I'd have done without it."

–Brad Kelley


Below are links to Tynamo™ demos running at various locations around the world. If you would like your own demo listed here, then please contact us.
[Note that some demos are not live all the time.]

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