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Purchase Tynamo™ from this page. The currently available products are listed below.

Note that Tynamo™ is available for free for development, testing, and other non-commercial uses.

The purchase links below will redirect you to share-it!, a provider of secure order and payment processing. They can perform order processing both online and manually.

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Licence Types

There are currently three licence types:

Basic licence The basic licence permits up to 20 deployments.
100-unit licence This licence permits up to 100 deployments.
Unlimited licence An unlimited number of deployments is permitted with this licence.

Each licence entitles you to free upgrades and bugfixes within the same major and minor version. For example, if you purchase any licences for version 1.0, then you are entitled to free upgrades to any 1.0.x version.


The following table describes the price for each product:

Pricing Schedule (USD)
Licence TypeProduct IDPrice
Tynamo for TINI (basic) 180189 $100
Tynamo for TINI (100-unit) 180558 $500
Tynamo for TINI (unlimited) - Negotiable

Purchase Online

Securely purchase online by clicking on one of the product links in the table above or the button below. You will be taken to share-it!'s automated order page where you can pay using a number of common methods.

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Note that there is a link at the bottom of the order page where you can choose to order by fax.

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Answers to Online Ordering Questions

If you have ordered software and would like to review your order information, or if you have questions about ordering, payment, or shipping procedures, please visit the share-it! Customer Care Center (opens in a new window).

This link also contains information about how to order directly from customer service by phone, fax, or email.

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