Get Started Right Away

If you want to deploy the Tynamo™ server and try it out right away, without having to build and configure your own servlets, then this guide is for you. There are a number of example servlets already included in the default build process.


  1. First, install the latest versions of Ant and Jakarta Commons/Net. There are some brief instructions in the Tutorial.
  2. Next, ensure your SNAP is properly set up, and then modify the file to point to the SNAP's address. For example, if the address is, then change the deploy.server line to read:
    If the login and password are something other than root and snap, then change the deploy.userid and deploy.password lines as well.
  3. On the command line, change to the directory where this distribution was installed and type:
    ant build deploy
    If Ant was correctly installed, then the build.xml script will be executed and all the necessary files will be transferred to the SNAP.
  4. Lastly, telnet to the SNAP and type:
    source /web/bin/WebServer
    The webserver will start and listen to requests on port 80. Try navigating to the following URL with your browser, after replacing the address with the correct value:
    You should see a page similar to the following:

    [Screen Capture]